What is the difference between private hire and hackney carriage?

This is a question we have been asked a lot and there are several differences between:

Charnwood Borough Licensed Hackney Carriage (Taxi) Vehicles and a Charnwood Borough Licensed Private Hire Vehicle

We thought it would be useful to document some of the main differences between the two below:

Hackney Carriage Vehicles:

  • Must display a sign on the roof
  • Must have a taximeter fitted
  • Must display a white front and rear plate
  • Must display two white door signs (ovals)
  • Do not need an operator
  • Can ‘ply for hire’ on a Charnwood Borough Council rank
  • Can pick up off the street, e.g. be flagged down by a customer.

Private Hire Licensed Vehicles:

  • Must work for a Private Hire Operator who takes the bookings
  • Cannot ply for hire
  • Cannot pick up from the street
  • Cannot park or pick up on a Hackney Carriage rank
  • Cannot display a top sign
  • May or may not have a meter in the vehicle
  • A Private Hire Operator can set the tariffs for the vehicles that work for them
  • Must display a yellow front and rear plate
  • Must display two yellow door signs (ovals)

Here at DVL as our name suggests we are a private hire operator owned business so we will never:

  • Sit on a taxi rank
  • Hail you in the street or be flagged down
  • Pick you up without a booking

Should you wish to find out more you can visit the Charnwood Borough Council Website FAQ page here.





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